About Us

Laraine Mickelson

Laraine Mickelson has an extensive background in workplace, family and community mediation. She has led several organizations through the design and implementation of Integrated Conflict Management Systems that include the development of internal conflict response/mediation programs with a primary goal of creating conflict competent workplace cultures. Laraine is a Rule 114 qualified neutral for the State of Minnesota and serves on the MN Department of Human Rights qualified mediator list.    As a proponent of Restorative Justice, Laraine is a co-founder and  trainer for her home county's Restorative Justice  Program serving people impacted by crime and criminal behavior. She has over seventeen years of experience practicing and teaching restorative concepts including the use of talking circles and conferencing for low and high level issues in schools, workplaces and community.  Current work includes bringing restorative practices into the schools through the design and implementation of an Integrated Restorative Practices School.  Active in the criminal justice system she designed and implemented multiple programs that offer transition services, conflict resolution, and dialogue opportunities for people who are impacted by crime and violence. 

Paul Mickelson

Paul Mickelson consults to private, government, and non-profit organizations for workplace dispute issues, is an experienced employment and divorce mediator and has conducted trainings and workshops in the field of mediation and conflict systems design for over seventeen years. He has a strong background in the field of supervision, is trained as a workplace conference facilitator, circle keeper and mediator. Paul specializes in organizational culture change bringing restorative and transformative principles into the workplace. Paul is an advisor on multiple boards in the area of justice, dispute resolution,  legislation and policy.  

Other Associates

Tailoring to your agency's specific needs is a primary goal of ours. Mickelson Consulting has world-wide access to experts in the field of restorative justice/practices, conflict management system design, and mediation. Contact us to see how our comprehensive network of design professionals can support your needs.