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Specializing in Integrated Conflict Management Systems


Supporting schools through Restorative Practices


Redesigning our justice system with a focus on Restorative Justice.


Coaching, Consultancy, Training, Direct Mediation, Conflict Management System Design

Everyday challenges, ongoing disagreements and severe battles in the workplace impact individuals, teams and the organization itself. Our team is uniquely qualified to triage conflict situations and provide a tailored method of resolution.  Common disagreements can lead to termination, transfers, burnout, fatigue, and illness. Finding resolve to the most challenging situations is possible.  

"I Had No Place To Turn."

A staff person of a large organization had been experiencing on-going conflict with a colleague.  Several attempts by the supervisor to reduce the conflict resulted in no resolve.  Our services were employed and the two individuals in conflict were able to find clarity about their issue and resolution to the conflict. Other teammates who were impacted by the situation also found a sense of relief because the two parties in conflict realized they were splitting the team, not doing their work, and missing work due to the conflict. 

Restorative Practices-School

Training, Consultancy, Direct Mediation for Staff, Students, and Parents, Whole-School RP Design

The principles and values of restorative practices in schools can transform conflict and build a safer, stronger school community. Mickelson Consulting offers training in restorative approaches that emphasize building and repairing relationships and also offers a multi-tiered approach for school culture change that promotes restorative philosophy. 

"My Daughter Stayed In School."

After a bullying incident a student considered quitting school. Appropriate methods were employed by our program through the utilization of a talking circle. The student went back to school and has continued to experience positive benefits from this experience. 

Restorative Justice-Community

Specializing in the Design and Implementation of Restorative Justice Programs

Restorative Justice is a theory that emphasizes the reparation of harm due to crime and criminal behavior. Simple in theory, but complex in design.  If your community is exploring the incorporation of Restorative Justice into your policies and practices, contact Mickelson Consulting. 

"This Program Saved My Life!"

A victim of a home invasion by a young man in her town, this community resident was experiencing trauma related to the crime.  After engaging in a long-term sentencing circle designed and facilitated by Mickelson Consulting, this person now volunteers her time in the program.